Green City Resources couldn’t be the company that it is without our people, both our employees and our clients. We want to take this holiday time to introduce you to some of them and be thankful for everyone that makes our work possible.

Our clients range from public schools to hospitals, major companies to private homeowners. Even in the specialized niche we’ve carved for ourselves in green roofs, rooftop gardens, and rain gardens, we have found a range of interesting projects and people to work with. At our smallest scale, we maintain a small rain garden for the city in Price Hill, and we plant rooftop planters for many homeowners on 15th Street in Over-the-Rhine. Our largest projects include an expansive green roof of over two acres at Mercy West Hospital and a roof garden of nearly an acre of rain gardens designed to prevent spills from a chemical manufacturing facility from polluting Mill Creek.

In between the extreme small and large, we work with Macy’s corporate headquarters, multiple Cincinnati Public Schools, the Metropolitan Sewer District, and more. We create, maintain, and rehabilitate spaces designed to beautify cities, educate children, create lush and calm home spaces, create healing spaces, reduce pollution, recapture valuable rainwater, and more.

None of this work would be impossible without our employees. This year’s team is made of all women, and we know how to get work done and do it well. From bottom right to top left in our Christmas picture above, we have Rose, Lynn, Maria, Danny, Eva, and Julie.

Rose Seeger is the owner and founder of Green City Resources. She has this to say about her inspiration for building the company: “It puts my agriculture and engineering expertise together to create a wonderfully fulfilling passion that is beautiful, helps people feel better, helps reduce stormwater runoff, and makes the future a better place for our children.”

Lynn left her 12 year career in event management to pursue a degree in horticulture, and she says it was the best decision she ever made. Here’s what she has to say about why she works with Green City Resources: “Rose is an awesome lady to work for. She is knowledgeable about green roof systems and is simply great at what she does. I particularly enjoy the variety of roof top landscapes the different properties offer.”

Maria recently moved back to Cincinnati after living in Indiana for ten years, and she loves reading and cooking food from around the world. She loves to work here because, “The team we have here is just amazing. I’ve never clicked so quickly with coworkers. I have worked with plants my whole career, but what I especially love about working here is that I get to focus on green infrastructure landscapes that help our environment and help people, not spaces that look pretty and do nothing else.”

Danny recently graduated from NKU with a degree in Environmental Science, and she loves sharks and potatoes. She says she enjoys working with us because “I love being able to work outside because it keeps me grounded. Working in beautiful gardens while surrounded by such an urban atmosphere can sometimes be surreal. It gives me time to appreciate nature in even the most unlikely places.”

Eva is always keeping an eye out for fascinating rocks and creatures, and she has been working with Rose for five years. She says, “From the time I was a little girl I have always loved nature and being outside. I swore one day I would grow up and play in the dirt every day, and I do. I love being a steward for the environment. I’ve been blessed with great co-workers who share my passion and joy, and together we make great big beautiful green spaces. Green roofing makes me happy.”

When Julie isn’t working with us, she can be found working at Rothenberg Prep in their school garden program or raising her two sons. She enjoys collecting interesting salt and pepper shakers. She has this to say about working here: “I enjoy working for Rose because it gives me a passport to beautiful secret gardens throughout the greater Cincinnati area, with the added bonus that they are high in the sky! We get to see wonderful views, plus we are making a positive impact on the environment.”

Many thanks to our hardworking team members and our wonderful clients for another successful year! We look forward to doing our part to make the city more green, healthy, and beautiful in 2020. Happy holidays!